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JKC Engineering

JKC Engineering is a professional civil engineering and surveying firm incorporated in the State of Wyoming and the State of North Dakota. Since inception, it has been JKC’s goal to provide a family oriented work environment for our employees and freedom for self-motivated personal and professional improvement. While we realize that this philosophy itself does not directly affect our clients, the quality of work produced with attention to detail and passion for the work performed are direct results of the work environment we provide and these attributes do directly benefit our clients.

JKC Engineering maintains self-motivated skilled employees and encourages continuing education, self-improvement, and skill development. Our employees each have a specialized skill set that is necessary to this industry and we utilize these skills to the fullest extent. We also encourage our employees to receive cross training to foster an understanding of the full scope of the company’s services and operations. As we progress as a company, we approach each challenge with the knowledge that, no matter how big or how small the project, each contains the valuable experience we need to grow both personally and professionally.


JKC Engineering’s team of professionals include: a professional engineer, a professional surveyor, as well as highly experienced engineering and survey technicians utilizing Autodesk Civil3d, ESRI GIS, and Trimble software and survey equipment. Our team is well equipped to take on nearly any task.

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