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Aerial Surveying


Utilizing UAV's (unmanned aerial vehicles; AKA drone), JKC Engineering acquires aerial images to generate orthophotos, digital surface models, and planimetric data. This type of surveying can be used to generate contours for use in engineering, calculate disturbance area and volumes for mining, provide image overlays for use in GIS and ACAD, create time lapses of construction activities, and much more.


Traditional on-the-ground surveying of large areas, especially those with a high density of ridges and draws can be time-consuming and costly. By utilizing UAV's, JKC can reduce the field time for such surveys by 60-80%. This type of surveying does increase office calculations to determine 3-dimentional positions from the images collected, but overall, acquisition and processing of aerial images on medium to large sites is cost comparative to traditional surveying methods and comes with a bonus product, the imagery!

Aerial Surveying

oblique aerial view
pix4d capture
pix4d capture
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back9_2017-04-06_gcp_ROLLING SHUTTER_transparent_mosaic_group1
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